Working for a clean, renewable Oregon.

Welcome to the Southwestern Chapter of The Climate Reality Project! Our members span Southwestern Oregon from Sun River to Bandon to Eugene to the California border. We are working for a clean, renewable, sustainable, vibrant and thriving Oregon. We are one of many chapters of The Climate Reality Project. Please link to the Climate Reality chapters page to join. To contact our chapter directly, email us at climatereality.sworegon at gmail dot com.

Recent news! Our Co-Chair recently sat down with chapter members Bill Bradbury, former Oregon Secretary of State, and Hogan Sherrow, founder and president of ROCPAC (Rural Oregon Climate Political Action Committee) for a 101 discussion about Rulemaking in Oregon. Rulemaking is an essential part of lawmaking, read more, and watch the video:

Book a presentation. Our membership includes trained, local climate presenters and leaders. We can customize and present information about the science and effects of climate change in straightforward terms addressing local concerns. Presentations can be in person or via zoom.

What IS climate change, anyway? We can help answer this question. Consider booking a presentation from one of our Climate Leaders! Also, we have compiled a list of trustable resources so you can dig deeper into the question of climate change and the effects of climate change here. Because the more you know the more you can be an advocate for the planet.

Photos above by Casey Horner, Derek Sears, Ronan Furuta, Eric Muhr, Eric Longstaff and others.

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