Upcoming June Climate Events

Wednesday, June 16 at 4PM PST  (7PM EST)

Register for the June Chapter Training Series: Establishing Climate Justice Priorities

Join us for the upcoming Chapter Training Series: Establishing Climate Justice Priorities tomorrow, June 16 at 4PM PST (7 PM ET). This Chapter Training Series will discuss a framework for centering climate and environmental justice in your chapter’s work, mission, and climate action. We will discuss and workshop some climate justice and advocacy skills, explore some common pitfalls, and have the opportunity for a Q&A session at the end.   

Climate Reality prioritizes climate justice in our work and chapters program, and this workshop will give you an opportunity to start thinking through how to prioritize climate justice concepts in your chapters. Join us, and let’s get to work! 


June 24 at 4PM PST  (7PM EST)

Petrochemical Opposition Campaign Updates 
Tackling the A-Z Impacts of Plastic: Protecting Democracy 

Join the A-Z team on June 24 at 4PM PST (7 PM ET) for their June program exploring the intersection of our plastics crisis and its connection to the erosion of democracy. Learn how anti-protest bills, preemption laws, and voter suppression not only silence the voices of local grassroots communities, but also perpetuate the fossil fuel and plastics industry crisis. Hear from several guest speakers how they are organizing to protect the power of the people over the vested interests of plastic and petrochemical corporations! Register here.  

July 7- Aug 16, each Mon & Wed,  3-5 PM PST  (6-8PM EST)

In the “Strikes to the Streets: Youth Climate Organizers Take on Wall Street” political education series, Future Coalition is uniting local youth-led organizations to mobilize for the climate finance movement.

In this six-week virtual training, Future Coalition offers two free training sessions each week with some of the most skilled and experienced activists in the climate movement. The series will launch to the public starting on July 7. 

Session topics include:  

  • Stop the Bad: An Overview of Climate Finance 
  • Pay for the Harm: How to Hold Banks Liable and Shifting Power to the People 
  • Investing in the Good: Building a Sustainable Economy through Youth Power 
  • Digital tools and communications for grassroots organizing 
  • Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) 

Registration for the series will open on Monday, June 14 so stay tuned and sign up to join the movement taking on Wall Street! And, please feel free to share this opportunity with your social and professional networks to get more people involved.

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