Senator Jeff Merkley and the work of the Climate Crisis

Oregon wide follow up meeting for climate legislation THIS Thursday, December 17, at noon. Register here, more information below.

On December 9th, Senator Jeff Merkley addressed an unprecedented gathering of climate leaders, organizations and citizens, attendees of A Climate Convergence, a symposium that brought together Executive Directors, legislators, and grassroots organizers from across the country to talk about climate change. Specifically, to gather together and listen for the express purpose of passing climate change legislation nationally.

Senator Jeff Merkley speaking at Session One of the Climate Convergence symposium on December 9, 2020.

This national effort touches every state and every legislative district. Which means that in Oregon, we are an vital part of the effort.

A number of climate leaders in Oregon have engaged the Climate Crisis Policy effort. Last month climate leaders in Oregon met together to learn more about the Climate Crisis Policy initiative. Then December 9 and 10 folks tuned in to two days of panels which included Oregon’s own Senator Jeff Merkley and Climate Reality Project’s President and CEO, Ken Berlin.

On Thursday, December 17th at noon, the Oregon-wide effort resumes with a meeting to listen again to Senator Merkley’s address and discussion, and talk about what national climate legislation might look life through this initiative from an Oregon perspective.

Register here for the meeting, and please share and invite others you think will be interested. At our first meeting we had a terrific and hope-filled discussion. After the success of the symposium, there is even more to think about and to celebrate.

A big thank you to Senator Jeff Merkley for responding to the requests of Oregon organizers from across the state to speak at the symposium!

A big thank you, also, to the many chapters of the Climate Reality Project across the country who are involved with the Climate Crisis Policy initiative and the climate action effort. Things are moving! And we need everybody.

Questions? Additions? email our chapter.